Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation on Logs Workshop (日本語のページは言語設定をクリック)

Sat, 22 Apr 2023 13:00 - 16:00 JST

Impact HUB Tokyo|Deli at Communita

2-11-3 Meguro, Meguro-ku Tokyo 1530063, Japan


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13:00-14:00|日本語でのワークショップ参加チケット (*Workshop in Japanese) ¥4,400 prepaid
15:00-16:00|ENGLISH Vers Worshop ticket (*英語のみの実施) ¥4,400 prepaid
The ticket includes one drink. Free participation for children, but for drink for kids please pay at the cafe.


On Saturday April 22nd, Impact HUB Tokyo will be hosting its third Responsible Marché, the 2023 Earth Day Edition. 🌏
Earth Day is an annual commemoration on April 22nd, to think about positive actions that we can do to invest in our planet! This year again, we have gathered a variety of vendors with the concept of “Giving back to Earth,” from Earth-friendly plant-based food products to circular fashion and sustainable products.

As part of this event, we’re glad to present to you a workshop led by Byron (and his knowledgeable children) from Kasamatsu Farms where you will learn and experience how to grow shiitake mushrooms on logs!
As Spring is gently settling down, this is a great opportunity to learn more about farming and perhaps discover a new and fun hobby!

During the workshop, Byron will share his knowledge about his family's approach to sustainable living and farming. This workshop will focus on mycology and small scale mushroom production. We will learn the techniques needed to inoculate wood with mushroom spores so we can have our own small scale backyard or balcony mushroom production.

Through the workshop, Byron will guide us through the process of inoculating our own logs and answer common and practical questions such as how to maintain the right so you can enjoy a successful mushroom harvest for years to come.
In order for the shiitake mushrooms to grow, the logs (about 1 meter long) will need to be kept in a humid outdoor place (without direct sun) for about a year. We’re aware that not so many of you have this kind of space in the city and therefore, Impact HUB will also offer the possibility of keeping the logs at the back of the building. In that case, you will be contacted in about a year by email to visit and harvest the mushrooms.

This workshop will also include one drink, served at the end, from Deli at Communita, the new cafe recently opened by Impact HUB Tokyo. If you have a reusable mug, we would appreciate it if you could bring it to minimize waste in case there isn’t enough mugs available.
We hope to see you on April 22nd and get our hands a little dirty together for Earth Day! 🌏

[ Workshop details ]
Date: Saturday, April 22nd
Time: 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Fee: 4,400 yen including one drink (free participation for children, drink shall be paid at cafe for children)
*Please note that all materials are included in the price (logs, mushroom spores, etc.). You don’t need to bring anything except gloves if you feel more comfortable handing tools (drill and hammer) wearing them.
Venue: Impact HUB Tokyo
Number of participants: 10 (excluding children)
Language: English

[ About Kasamatsu Farms ]
Located in a transition town called Fujino in Kanagawa, Byron, Kaori and their 3 children grow all their vegetables applying sustainable, regenerative, and permaculture principles and practices. They now focus on self-sufficiency while selling free-range eggs. They also manage a farmhouse hotel called Yokomura Ecolodge that was all renovated by Byron and his family!

[ About Impact HUB Tokyo ]
Impact HUB Tokyo is a comfortable work space, a third-place for a change of modes, and a community hub where people from diverse work styles, industries, and cultures gather. Since its opening in 2013, over 800 entrepreneurs, artists, designers, freelancers, and many more have been part of our story. We think “working” and “living” are interconnected. So we are now proudly hosting an ethically, socially & environmentally responsible marché, which is one of our takes on creating more responsible everyday lives.

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