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Impact Hub SingaporeのメンバーでもあるAngelaが、現在IndieGoGoでキャンペーン中のクラウドファンディングプロジェクト「Elemental Yoga & Meditation Wellness Package」を記念して、Impact HUB Tokyoで特別にメンバー向けに無料で、パッケージのトライアルを開催します。*English description follows Japanese.
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■講師 Amber Sawyer(アンバー・ソイヤー)さんについて
■当日アシスタント Angela Chng(アンジェラ・チュン)さんについて

エレメンタル・ヨガ体験クラス with アンジェラ(Impact Hub Singapore メンバー)
日時: 11月20日金曜 朝8時30分〜 最長1時間程度
場所: Impact HUB Tokyoイベントスペース
住所: 〒153-0063 東京都目黒区目黒2-11-3 印刷工場1階
参加費: Impact HUB Tokyoメンバー:無料 / 一般参加:500円
持ち物: 動きやすい服装、ヨガマット

音楽提供: Lucid Soundworks LLP

What is Elemental Yoga?
Elemental Yoga is a unique system of yoga that integrates the wisdom of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, Shamanism and Yoga into a holistic lifestyle practice both on and off the mat. This system of yoga aims to bring union or harmony to the 5-elements within the body/mind constitution based on the perspective that any disease or imbalances in the body/mind are a result of disharmony in our elemental energies (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space).

Elemental Yoga uses physical postures to strengthen and stretch the meridian pathways, as well as uses breath-work, mudras, meditation and lifestyle recommendations to bring harmony to the elemental system within the body/mind. The 5 elements each correspond to different parts of the body, specific meridian pathways, emotions and mental tendencies.

This system of Yoga is unique in that it empowers the individual to design a more specific yoga practice to therapeutically address imbalances and to develop a closer relationship with nature, ultimately leading to a greater awareness of our own inner nature – leading to a state of Yoga!

In this Elemental Yoga video series, we have created short yoga sequences to bring harmony to each of the 5-elements, by designing a flow of postures to move energy along the elemental meridian pathways. Whether you are looking to simply learn yoga / improve strength and flexibility / or to therapeutically address elemental imbalances, these sequences are open to all (beginners and seasoned practitioners).
【Introduction of Yoga Instructor and the assistant on the day】
■Amber Sawyer ( Instructor )
Amber is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Elemental Yoga Therapist and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering.
During the last 20 years, her love for yoga, meditation, reiki and holistic health has led her to study with many Masters in Asia, as well as to continue her personal journey of inner discovery.
Amber’s academic background and esoteric experiences bring a unique integration between Western Science and the Sciences of Yoga & Ayurveda.
Together with these modalities, as well as with great inspiration from the Elemental Yoga trainings with the Swara Yoga School, Amber shares a creative expression of Elemental Yoga.
She is passionate about inspiring evolution, awakening and optimal health that exists within each individual.
■Angela Chng ( Assistant on the day )
Angela is a web developer & videographer with a love for extreme sports like vert inline skating & inline hockey has led her to many adventures such as representing Singapore as part of the National Team at World Inline Hockey Championships in Czech Republic, Canada & Spain.
The years of playing high impact sports took it’s toll on her body, and searching for a way to continue the sports she loves, she started yoga classes with Amber, and found it to be enjoyable and the perfect way to recover faster, and increase flexibility to prevent injuries.
Practicing Elemental Yoga under Amber’s gentle guidance, turned out to have even more benefits, bringing about a calmer mind and an overall feeling of balance and harmony between the body and mind. 
Elemental Yoga Trial Class with Angela (Impact Hub Singapore Member)
Date: November 20th
Time: 8:30am - 9:30am
Place: Impact HUB Tokyo ( 2-3-3, Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0063)
What to bring: Yoga mat, Comfortable clothes

Sound : Lucid Soundworks LLP

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