TEDxCERN Screening Night Tokyo

Sun, 11 Dec 2016 16:30 - 19:30 JST

Impact HUB Tokyo

2-11-3, Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0063


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¥1,000 prepaid / ¥1,500 at the door
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TEDxCERN Screening Night Tokyo

Impact HUB Tokyo became an official organizer of TEDxCERN. We are happy to announce that we organize TEDxCERN, an annual conference which features bold talks by trailblazers in science, technology and the humanities. The theme of this year is “Ripples of Curiosity.” As a official partner of 2016 TEDxCERN, we will have special screening event on December 11th at Impact HUB Tokyo.
* This is pre-recorded event on Nov 5th.

Impact HUB Tokyo はTEDxCERNの公認パートナーとしてイベントを開催します。毎年開催されているサイエンス、テクノロジー、ヒューマニティー分野の先駆者の講演が行われているTEDxCERNカンファレンスのスクリーニングを12月11日に開催します。

Speakers Profile

Kate Stafford: Oceanography
Kate Stafford suspects that the ocean’s babble holds many secrets about the globally changing environment. As an oceanographer at the University of Washington, she is recording the impact of the melting polar icecap by listening to the water that lies underneath.

Shannon Dosemagen: DIY science
Shannon Dosemagen co-founded a non-profit organization that bridges the gap between environmental research and the impacted communities. As the co-founder and CEO of Public Lab, Dosemagen engages with communities and helps design do-it-yourself research tools for grass-roots science.

Sheila Rowan: Gravity waves
Sheila Rowan started gravity wave research almost thirty years ago during her undergraduate studies at the University of Glasgow. Today, she is now the director of the Institute for Gravitational Research at Glasgow and a contributor to the LIGO observatory, the world’s largest gravitational wave observatory.

Agalma Foundation: Creativity
The Agalma Foundation asks the question: what does creativity look like and where does it come from? In order to discover the roots of improvisation, the Agalma Foundation provides an environment where scientists can connect with artists and explore improvisation from both a biological and psychological perspective.

Stéphanie Lacour: Biotechnology
Accidents happen, but biotechnology expert Stephanie Lacour is working to make them less debilitating. Her research cultivates soft and flexible prosthetics and biological implants which can seamlessly integrate into a person’s body and revive the function of damaged limbs and neurons.

Gary F. Marcus: Artificial Intelligence
Gary F. Marcus wants to build a human mind from scratch. As Professor of Psychology and Neural Science at New York University, his research combines psychology, linguistics, and molecular biology to map the inner workings of the brain and deconstruct common sense scientifically.


Door Open & Welcome Drink
- Introduction
1. Kate Stafford: Oceanography
2. Shannon Dosemangen: DIY science
3. Sheila Rowan: Gravity waves
- Break -
4. Agalma: Creativity
5. Stephanie Lacour: Biotechnology
6. Gary F. Marcus: Artificial Intelligence
- Networking Time

Event Details

2016/12/11 16:30 - 19:30
Location: Impact HUB Tokyo (Address: )
Price: 1500 yen including pizza and beer


TEDxCERN has evolved into a platform dedicated to share ideas and initiatives from scientific, technological, educational and artistic fields that have inspired awe from an expanding audience.

Impact HUB Tokyo as a venue sponsor

Impact HUB Tokyo is part innovation lab, business incubator and coworking space where a community of (social) entrepreneurs gathers, connects and exchanges knowledge and ideas.
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